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CTC WCF Services Generator
The CTC WCF Services Generator is a tool for creating a Microsoft Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) Services interface for EAE 3.3 and AB Suite systems. The Generator is an add-in to the Unisys Component Enabler Generate Environment. At runtime the generated services utilises the Unisys Component Enabler interface to communicate with the EAE and AB Suite host systems.

The generated solution is based on the Microsoft WCF Line Of Business (LOB) Adapter SDK. The WCF LOB Adapter SDK is built on top of WCF and provides a very flexible solution for exposing and consuming ispecs as services.

The Adapter SDK enables creation of Service-Oriented interfaces to existing LOB applications including EAE and AB Suite. Services exposed using the Adapter technology can be consumed in a variety of ways allowing for integration of disparate systems. Services can be consumed by .NET applications such as BizTalk, Windows/WPF applications and other custom .NET applications without having to go via a traditional Web Services interface. In addition, services can also be consumed from external applications as traditional Web Services via http conforming to the industry standards for Web Services.

The Generator creates the necessary metadata, describing the data and operations of ispecs, which is required by the Adapter for creating the service contracts used by the client applications when accessing the services. The generator also builds the actual Adapter, which includes everything required to browse/search the metadata, create service contracts, connect to the host EAE/AB Suite system and access the ispecs and data.

Service contracts created by the Adapter are created such that client applications consuming the services are completely unaware that the back-end host system is an EAE or AB Suite system, and knowledge of the back-end system is not required by the developers of the client applications.

The behaviour of the generator and the Adapter it generates is controlled by the CTC Configurator. During the generate process, the Generator reads the configuration information created using the CTC Configurator and applies the configuration to the generated ispecs and data items.

The following illustrates how the WCF EAE/AB Suite Adapter created by the CTC WCF Services Generator sits along side other industry adapters and the integration options this architecture provides.

High-level Architectural Overview
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