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CTC WCF Services Generator - Runtime Architecture
The generated solution is based on the Microsoft WCF LOB Adapter SDK. This allows the exposing of ispecs as WCF Services, and the integration of ispecs in a Services Oriented Architecture with client applications such as BizTalk, Console/Windows/WPF and IIS as Web Services.

The generator creates the necessary Adapter components and generates a Service Model for each each ispec. A Service Model contains the Meta data information required by the Adapter to expose an ispec as a WCF service.

Service Models and their Meta data are used:
  • By the Adapter in creating the Services Contract containing information about the data and the operation signatures (method input/output) which is required by the Client Applications for invoking the services.
  • By the WCF Service Controller when processing a service request message and creating a response message.

CTC WCF Adapter Services Runtime Architecture - Overview

The WCF LOB Adapter SDK consists of a number of design time tools and run time APIs for exposing operations of a line-of-business system as WCF services. The role of the Adapter is to manage messages between the client applications and the EAE/AB Suite host systems.

  • Metadata.
    This describes the characteristics of the data and operations of a system and is an essential part that enables the Adapter to browse and search for operations and create the service contract for all or selected operations. The metadata is obtained from the generated ispec Service Models.

  • Connection Management.
    The Adapter manages the connection to the back-end system and controls the connection lifecycle including opening, closing, aborting and verifying connection validity. The Adapter can optionally pool the connections to provide efficient use of the resources. When a new connection is required, an existing connection is provided if one is available. Otherwise a new connection is created and placed in the pool. Idle connections are closed and removed from the pool when the maximum available connections threshold is exceeded.

  • Windows Communication Foundation.
    The WCF LOB Adapter SDK is an extension of the Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), which means the Adapter can be consumed by any WCF-capable application (such as BizTalk, .NET applications and IIS) as industry standard Web Services.

CTC WCF Service Controller
The CTC WCF Service Controller manages all communication to the EAE and AB Suite back-end systems. It is hosted by the Adapter Connection class from which access to an EAE/AB Suite host system is required.

  • Request/Response Message Processing
    When a service request message arrives from a client application, the Service Controller determines the Service Model the request is related to, de-serializes the message based on the Service Model and creates an Ispec Model including the data. The Ispec Model is sent to the EAE/AB Suite host system for processing. The data returned from the host system is serialized into a response message which is returned to the client application.

    Errors occuring during the processing of the request/response message are returned to the client as a standard Error Response Message.

  • Host System Communication
    The host system communication is customizable through an API provided by the Service Controller. The Service Controller is customizable through an API. The Adapter Connection class, which is hosting the Service Controller, can get control at key events during the processing of service operations and the communication with the EAE and AB Suite host system. The Service Controller raises events such as CustomConnect, PreTransaction, PostTransaction and StatusLine. This allows customizing the connection, denying transactions, post processing transactions and checking status information returned from the host system.

  • CE Session Management
    The Service Controller uses the standard Unisys Component Enabler for all communication with the EAE/AB Suite host system.

For further details see the CTC WCF Services Generator document.