CTC offers assistance free of charge during a Proof-Of-Concept project to anyone who would like to try the generators on their own EAE or AB Suite applications.

Free evaluation versions of all generators are available.

Download the CTC Smart Client Generator, or the CTC Web Services Generator,
The CTC generators co-exist with your existing generators. Our generators don't change or update your EAE or AB Suite environment or your painted forms. This means you can evaluate the CTC generators without impacting your systems.

Experience what an amazing user interface you can create without writing any code.
The Smart Client Generator from CTC generates a Smart Client user interface for EAE and AB Suite systems that runs on any modern smart device such as PCs and MACs, Apple iPads & iPhones, Android Tablets & Phones and Windows Tablets & Phones.
The generated solution is based on industry standards such as HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. The solution is cross-browser and runs on popular browsers such as IE, Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox supporting HTML 5 and CSS 3.
The runtime of the solution is based on a very efficient architecture that utilizes the power of the client device for rendering the forms, while minimizing the resources required on the web server. This results in a good end user experience with great performance.
The Web Services Generator from CTC generates a Web Services Interface for AB Suite systems.
The Web Services are based on the REST architecture. This makes it easy for the calling client applications to send and receive data to and from your AB Suite application. The calling client can perform predefined operations using the Restful services.
See the following link for information about RESTful Web Services.
The generated solution is based on the Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
The generated Web Services utilizes the CTC Web Service Controller, which manages the communication with the back-end AB Suite system, as well as providing efficient processing of service requests.
The CTC solution includes the innovative CTC Configurator which allows the user to configure the behaviour of the generators, to customize the look and feel of forms and controls as required, and to include custom controls and third party controls to meet the demands of modern user interfaces.

All the CTC generators are very easy to use, providing a flexible environment that includes many features and options for customizing the generated solution beyond that provided by EAE/AB Suite Developer.

The CTC solution:
Eliminates the need to modify the generated source
All customizations are specified without modifying the painted forms using the CTC Configurator before starting the generator.

Customizations specified via the CTC Configurator are automatically applied to the generated forms by the CTC Generators. There is no need to reapply modifications after every generate.

Makes it simple to maintain enhancements to the look and feel
The GUI interface to the CTC Configurator provides intuitive dialogs, intelligent dropdown selections and a flexible hierarchical view.

General enhancements can be configured at a high level to be applied throughout all forms, and specific enhancements to individual fields at the lowest level.
Utilizes all the capabilities of the User Interface Technology without restrictions
All properties available on the controls of the chosen User Interface Technology (Smart Client) can be specified allowing the developer to take full advantage of all the capabilities of the user interface.

Third Party controls can be used to provide a richer user interface.
Creates a rich UI beyond that painted in the development environment
The CTC environment is an open and flexible solution. With the CTC Configurator, the developer specifies what to enhance on the painted forms and the forms are then generated according to those specifications.

This gives the developer full control over the generator output.
Delivering modern User Interface and Web Service Generator Technology creating rich User Interface Applications and Service-Oriented Interface.