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CTC Smart Client Generator
The CTC Smart Client Generator is a tool for creating Smart Client user interface applications for EAE 3.3 and AB Suite systems. The Generator is an add-in to the Unisys Component Enabler Generate Environment. At runtime, the generated user interface application utilises the Unisys Component Enabler interface to communicate with the EAE and AB Suite host systems.

The Generator includes a library of Standard Controls, one control for each control that can be painted in the EAE and AB Suite development environment. These provide the default look and feel of the controls as they are painted and specified in the EAE and AB Suite Development environments.

Custom Controls can be created and added to the generator. Custom Controls allow the user to include Third Party Controls such as DataGrid and Chart Controls when the requirements for the user interface cannot be met by any of the Standard Controls. Custom Controls can easily be created by extending the Standard Controls through inheritance and added to the generator.

The behaviour of the generator, and the user interface it generates, is controlled by the CTC Configurator. During the generate process, the Generator reads the configuration information created using the CTC Configurator and applies the configuration to the painted forms and fields.

For further details on the CTC Smart Client Generator see the Online Documentation.

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