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CTC Web Services Generator
The CTC Web Services Generator is a tool for creating a RESTful Web Services interface for AB Suite systems. The Generator is an add-in to the Unisys Component Enabler Generate Environment. At runtime the generated Web Services interface utilises the Unisys Component Enabler interface to communicate with the AB Suite host systems.

The generated solution is based on the Microsoft Windows Communications Foundation (WCF).

The Generator creates the necessary metadata, describing the data and operations of ispecs, which is required by the CTC Web Services Controller for managing the interface to the AB Suite system.

Predefined service contracts provided the generated Web Services solution are created such that client applications consuming the services are completely unaware that the back-end host system is an AB Suite system, and knowledge of the back-end system is not required by the developers of the client applications.

The Web Services accepts input data in JSON or XML format and provides response in JSON or XML format. The request and response format is specified by the client application.

The behaviour of the generator is controlled by the CTC Configurator. During the generate process, the Generator reads the configuration information created using the CTC Configurator and applies the configuration to the generated ispecs and data items.

Included with the generator is Test Client that makes it easy to test the generated Web Services interface without creating a Client Application. The Test Client provides examples of the operations available on the Web Services as well as the input and output format of request and response data.

The following illustrates the runtime architecture of the generated Web Services and the environment in which they operates.

High-level Architectural Overview
For further details on the CTC Web Services Generator see the CTC Web Services Generator document.

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