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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the differences between the CTC Generators and the 'standard' generators? Top of page

End Users require rich user interfaces. However, the forms painted with EAE and AB Suite are ‘presentation media neutral’ leaving it to the generate process to create the ‘media specific’ user interface application.

'Standard' Generators
  • The 'Standard' Generators such as ASP.NET and VB.NET create basic user interface applications that match the forms as they are painted.
  • The only way to enhance this is to either modify the generated application or write a custom generator.
  • Neither of these options are appealing as it is an inflexible solution and the cost of maintenance is high.
  • Manual steps are required before and after the generation process to create a deployable solution.

CTC Generators
  • The generated user interface can be enhanced and customized using the CTC Configurator.
  • All enhancements to the forms are specified as input to the generate process and do not modify the painted forms.
  • The CTC approach allows developers to take full advantage of the capabilities of the chosen User Interface technology (Smart Client or Silverlight).
  • Enhancements to the look and feel can be made by modifying/specifying any or all of the properties available on the controls.
  • Controls painted on the forms can be substituted with rich user controls such as DataGrid, GridView, DatePicker, Slider, Charting and Numeric Up/Down.
  • Generated forms can be extended with custom logic to suit advanced requirements.
  • This approach provides a flexible solution that is easy to maintain and provides consistency across generates.
  • All manual steps have been eliminated. This includes automatic setup of a new bundle, automatic build of the generated solution and automatic upgrade to new versions of the generators.