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About CTC
Client Tools Consultancy is a company dedicated to providing products and services for client interface solutions to customers of Unisys Enterprise Application Environment and Agile Business Suite systems.
The company is led by Niels Gebauer, who worked for Unisys for over 30 years until March 2007. During his time with Unisys, Niels was primarily involved with the Unisys 4 GL’s BIS (aka MAPPER), Cool ICE, EAE and AB Suite. Niels is the creator of Cool ICE and holds 12 software patents with the US Patent Office from his work with Cool ICE.
For his last 9 years at Unisys, Niels worked at ACUS (Australian Centre for Unisys Software) where he was involved with the Client Tools, developed the Web Services interface, created Business Integrator, developed the WebForm Renderer and led the team in moving the Client Tools product set forward into the Microsoft .NET Framework.
This puts the company in a unique position to offer products and services for client interface solutions.
Delivering modern Generator Technology creating rich User Interface Applications.