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For all your support needs, send an email to CTC will respond as quickly as possible to emails sent to this addresss and usually within one business day.
Reporting Problems
State the problem and the steps to reproduce the problem and whether you are using EAE or AB Suite. Depending on the nature of the problem, CTC may ask for additional information such as:
  • Configure the LogLevel parameter to increase the level of details written to the log file.
  • Copy of the C:\Temp\GenerateDotNET.log file.
  • Copy of the trace file from CTCGenerateDotNetTrace enabling CTC to reproduce the problem.
New Feature Suggestions
Provide details of any new feature to be considered, including an example of how it would be used and how your user interface application would benefit from the feature.
Feedback and Comments
Send all your feedback and comments by email to CTC for review and consideration for inclusion in subsequent releases.