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Introduction to CTC Generators
The CTC Generators are plug-in generators to the Unisys Component Enabler Generate Environment. A CTC Generator is started as any other Component Enabler generator from EAE/AB Suite Developer and obtains the details of the application specifications from the EAE/AB Suite Model Database via the Component Enabler Generate Environment interface.

The goal of the CTC Generators is to create User Interface Applications that satisfy requirements beyond the forms painted in EAE/AB Suite Developer. This is achieved by including as many requirements as possible in the generate stage rather than applying modifications to the User Interface after it has been generated. This requires the generator to be very flexible, and to provide the means for customizing the result of the generator prior to entering the generate phase.

The CTC Configurator provides the means for specifying what to generate and how to enhance and modify the painted forms. The specifications are managed in an XML formatted file from which the generator reads the information and applies it to the painted forms while creating the User Interface Application. For further details see the CTC Configurator.

Generate Environment

Major features of the CTC Configurator include:
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface providing dropdown options for point and click selections
  • Defining specifications hierarchically (Application, Bundle, Language, Ispec and Field)
  • Editing the standard generate template of all controls to include any property as required
  • Extending the library of standard controls by adding custom controls and third party controls
  • Substituting controls painted on the forms with custom controls/third party controls
  • Substituting fonts painted on the forms
  • Configuring runtime parameters
  • Adding custom code modules

The benefits of the CTC Generators include:
  • Elimination of manual processes
    • Automated software installation/upgrade
    • Automatically installs/upgrades infrastructure files
    • Automatically creates virtual directory
    • Automatically builds generated application
  • Easy management of enhancements to the painted forms
    • The CTC Configurator provides an intuitive user interface with easy to use dropdown options and point and click selections
    • Automatic inheritance of specifications from levels above in the hierarchy provides consistent look and feel throughout the forms
  • Flexible generate capabilities
    • Unrestricted access to the features of the User Interface Environment
    • Usage of Third Party controls
    • No need to write custom generators
    • Many options for customizing the generated user interface application